Meet Elizabeth Su!

Meet Elizabeth Su!

Meet Elizabeth Su, a trailblazing author and the creative genius behind the brand-new Adventure Tarot. Elizabeth isn't just a tarot expert; she's a woman on a mission. Fueled by a heart brimming with passion and determination, she's committed to uplifting AAPI voices and reshaping the narrative of success and happiness for women. In a world where stereotypes and expectations can feel like a heavy load, Elizabeth stands tall, challenging norms and advocating for transformative change.

Pioneering a groundbreaking narrative, Elizabeth introduces a one-of-a-kind tarot deck infused with the spirit of a road trip. This innovative creation transcends the ordinary; it's a celebration of the Asian American experience and a potent catalyst for empowering women to embrace every facet of themselves and the natural world's beauty. The meticulously crafted 78-card deck features stunning illustrations by the talented artist Jenny Chang, inviting users on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and a profound sense of belonging.

Each card unfolds a unique story, not just portraying external forces at play but delving into the internal battles and victories within us. It serves as a tool for self-discovery, acting as a mirror that reflects the inherent strength and resilience in every woman. As you shuffle through the Adventure Tarot deck, it's not merely about seeking answers to life's questions; it's an embarkation on a personal adventure. Elizabeth has skillfully crafted a guide that navigates the mystical realms while also acting as a steadfast companion on the journey to self-empowerment.

Now that we've glimpsed the magic, let's dive deeper. We had the privilege of asking Elizabeth four questions to unveil the brilliant mind behind the Adventure Tarot:

  1. What sparked your journey in creating a tarot deck?

My writing teacher once told me that, as Asian American women, we often need to write ourselves into existence. That is everything The Adventure Tarot is to me. A window into my own self-love journey, a way of declaring to the world that I AM PROUD TO BE ASIAN.

As a third-gen, mixed girl from the Midwest, I spent most of my life rejecting my Chinese side. Erasure and assimilation are their own flavors of racial trauma. The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020 hit me hard, as it did with many, and for the first time in my life, my Asianness felt important to me. Grief is strange like that. It’s like I didn’t realize what was missing until my heart felt this new kind of achiness, a longing, a loss.

At the time, my hubs and I were living nomadically, travelling all over the United States. What started out as a carefree road trip became a two-and-a-half-year search for belonging. It was through this reclamation journey that The Adventure Tarot was born.

  1. What do you want users to learn and take away with this deck?

Hmm well I feel like something I really tried to make clear with this deck is that ALL emotions are welcome. I feel like as women, as WOC, as Asian American women, we’re taught that only certain emotions are OK. But the cool thing about tarot is that it takes you on a journey – an adventure! – where there are highs and lows just like life. So you’ll find cards about joy and sorrow and love and rage and disappointment and everything in between. I hope that by allowing people to feel what they feel, this deck will help others cultivate a deeper sense of self-love <3

  1. Which card holds a special place in your heart and what makes it your favorite?

Ahhh this is like choosing your favorite child! Lol But if I had to choose one in this moment, I’m feeling a soft spot for the Two of Cups. It’s one of the first cards Jenny and I worked on together and it just gives me so many warm and fuzzies. I love the swan boat. I love the boba. I love that this card is all about healthy friendships (because dang are friendships hard or what?!). 

  1. Can we hope to have more decks from you in the future?

YES! I’m cookin’ up something fun that I hope to be able to share more about very soon! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter at or follow me on Instagram/TikTok @heyelizabethsu if you’re itching to know :)


More on Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Su is the author and creator of The Adventure Tarot, a road trip-inspired deck about self-discovery, belonging, and celebrating Asian joy. She earned her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University where she researched burnout and perfectionism. Her work has been featured in, among others, the Los Angeles TimesPOPSUGAR, and Bustle and centers around topics such as self-love, intersectionality, and the multifaceted nature of being human. 

When she’s not writing (or trying to smash the patriarchy), you can find her dancing in the kitchen, binge-watching the latest teen dramedy, or finding the hottest boba spot in town. After a two-year nomadic adventure, she and her hubs now live in Los Angeles. Hang out with Elizabeth on Instagram and TikTok at @heyelizabethsu and join her popular newsletter Monday Vibes at


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