Meet Oracle Ms. Smith

Meet Oracle Ms. Smith

Meet Yvette Smith, professionally known as Oracle Mrs. Smith, a renowned light trance medium and divination expert. Initiated into working with spirits like Papa Legba, Oya, and Erzulie Dantor, she has led over fifty spiritual ceremonies since she was eleven. Her expertise in tarot and bone divination, along with 25 years of palm reading experience, attracts clients nationwide. As a member of a paranormal investigation team, she has explored Florida's most haunted locations since 2010. Yvette also curates a fascinating collection of haunted objects and dolls. Her unique spiritual art, featuring love spells and joyous creations, has captivated many.

Today, we get an opportunity to delve into the extraordinary journey of Oracle Mrs Smith. Her insights promise to illuminate and captivate us as we explore her unique background and perspectives. Let's dive right in.

  1. You are a Medium, a cartomancer, a fortune teller, a palm reader, a divination teacher, and a collector of haunted dolls. This is incredibly impressive! How did you first discover your abilities?

Firstly, thank you for speaking with me and for this opportunity to connect with your followers. I truly believe that knowledge is power, and I have read all the books from you — you have a fantastic collection!

Now, onto your question: There are two types of readers. "Psychics or Clairvoyants" perceive the future, while Mediums can see both the past and future and communicate with those who have passed over. Mediums receive messages; not all Psychics are Mediums, but every Medium is psychic. I realized I was different at a young age, around 2 to 4 years old, when I had an imaginary pet — a little colorful bird named "Weewee." She was tiny and brightly colored, though she couldn't fly; she hopped around to follow me everywhere. I used to warn my mother, "Be careful! Don't step on Weewee." At that age, I understood that only I could see her. It wasn't scary; I asked Weewee, using telepathy, why nobody else could see her. She tweeted back in my mind, saying, "Because I only like you." That day, I felt incredibly special knowing she had chosen me and loved only me, feeling immense love and protection. To this day, I remember exactly what she looked like.

My journey as a Cartomancer began at age 9, and by age 11, adult women were coming to me for readings. I used playing cards, Tarot, Spanish playing cards, loteria cards — anything spoke to me, even sugar packets (they still do!).

I have a passion for dolls and allegedly haunted ones, owning quite a collection acquired during paranormal investigations with the Mystic Seekers Paranormal Team, where I serve as the medium.

  1. What has been your most memorable encounter or reading?

Most memorable encounter? I have read for celebrities and politicians, whom I cannot name but those were very interesting and exciting. It proved to me that money and fame does not bring happiness. EVERYONE has trauma, everyone needs a message from spirit. Everyone needs a little heads up about the future.

  1. As a collector of haunted dolls, can you tell us more about your collection and any future plans you might be willing to share regarding them?

I am opening Panama City Haunted Doll Museum beginning of 2025 with my business partner and God Daughter Lana. We are currently looking for buildings and rare very happy! I own a Museum collection of strange, unusual, antique, spooky dolls. I think the world should see them. We are putting them all in locked cases and doing precautions so spirit stays in vessel using magical protection sigils and talismans.

    4. Do you have any upcoming projects that we should be eagerly anticipating?

Yes!! I have several upcoming projects. In addition to the Haunted Doll Museum in 2025, I will be co-hosting an upcoming podcast called WITCH, PLEASE! It will be on Spotify and will be a weekly show where we will be answering questions submitted from listeners, discussing witchy books, spirits and taboo subjects. Stay tuned for more info!

In addition, I'm traveling to New Orleans as a special guest reader this summer and my October is completely booked! I'm so grateful. I do readings in Tallahassee, Panama City, Tampa, Orlando. We drive a lot ! Some cities want me, some cities need me. Very different clients everyday, everywhere. I'm very happy to be of service and pass messages to those who need it.

  1. Since The Witchorium is a bookstore, we would be remiss if we didn't ask what you are currently reading.

I read every night. I am a psalms magician and I do magic weekly for myself and clients. I am reading about Sex Magic and Sorcery, Creating sigils (always great to learn new ways!) I'm also reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Magic of Solomon Seals and the books from your bookstore. I have read those the same day they are received! I love your selection! Magical arts, Powerful Hoodoo Magic, Everyday Magic, Spells for Love, Utterly Wicked, Protective Magic. I use this new knowledge and incorporate it into my magic. Don't Google people! Read!

  1. Where can someone find you if they want to learn more about you or get a reading?

I do readings in person, video, and Zoom. In addition to taking magic requests, I do Astrology Charts and Blue Print Readings with numerology and Astrology combined. I read Palms and really feel that the people who find me, seek me out are those directed by spirit.

I can be found at Baywitch Downtown in Panama City, Florida every Sunday and every 3rd Saturday of the month.

I have an Etsy shop where I create my own line of magical oils, dolls, and art 

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My largest platform is Instagram: 




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Great article, I look forward to listening to Oracle Mrs. Smith on Witch, Please! The Haunted Doll Museum, what a fabulous idea! Would love to visit that. Thank you for listing the books, will look those up. Exciting things to look forward to!


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