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(Pre-Loved) A War of Witches by Timothy J. Knab

(Pre-Loved) A War of Witches by Timothy J. Knab

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Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing journey into the heart of the Aztec underworld in "A War of Witches." This extraordinary tale begins with an overheard plot to eliminate an unwanted son-in-law and unfolds into a world of magical dreams, mysterious healing, and the shadowy realm of Aztec justice.

Anthropologist Timothy Knab, hailing from the United States, joins forces with two local curanderos, or healers, embarking on a spellbinding adventure through sacred Aztec rituals and mystical dream journeys into Talocan, the realm of gods and lost souls. Along this transformative path, he delves into the depths of Aztec belief systems, the art of healing, and the enigmatic history of San Martín—a place notorious throughout Mexico for its witches and the lingering specter of a "War of Witches" that may never have truly concluded.

With a writing style as precise as a jeweler setting a stone, Knab expertly captures the essence of time and place. He chronicles his spiritual immersion into contemporary Aztec culture and his remarkable transformation into an authentic curandero. Part murder mystery, part ethereal supernatural dream narrative, and underpinned by rigorous anthropological research, "A War of Witches" promises to keep you spellbound and perched on the edge of your seat, from the opening page to the explosive revelations of the final chapter.


This hardcover book, spanning 224 pages, is in good condition. While there is some minor wear and tear noticeable on the cover, the book's pages are generally well-preserved and free from significant damage. It remains a solid choice for readers who don't mind the slight cosmetic imperfections on the cover and are interested in the book's content.


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