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(Pre-Loved) A Witch's Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life by Marian Singer

(Pre-Loved) A Witch's Commandments: Magickal Guidelines for Everyday Life by Marian Singer

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While the practice of witchcraft is profoundly personal, it is grounded in a shared code of ethics and principles that unite serious practitioners. In a groundbreaking exploration, this code is articulated in a manner accessible to all. In "A Witch's 10 Commandments," esteemed Wiccan author Marian Singer ingeniously employs the familiar framework of biblical rules to delineate the ten guiding principles that should shape the lives of witches.

These tenets seamlessly integrate aphorisms common to the New Age and Neo-Pagan movements, echoing timeless wisdom such as:

  • "Thou art God/Goddess"
  • "As Above, so Below; as Within, so Without"
  • "Spirit abides in all things"
  • "Names have power"
  • "Maintain an attitude of gratitude"
  • "Honor the ancestors, your elders, teachers, and leaders"
  • "All life is sacred"
  • "All acts of love and pleasure are sacred"
  • "Whatever you send out, returns threefold"
  • "Love is the law, love under will"
  • "Work for the greatest good; harm none"

Each commandment is accompanied by practical spiritual exercises tailored to address everyday challenges, including temperance management, support for elders and mentors, environmental stewardship, and more. With "A Witch's 10 Commandments" gracing your library, you gain access to a robust framework for ethical practice, allowing you to traverse the ancient path of the witch in today's ever-evolving world.


This 227-page book is in good condition, although there is some creasing on its cover, which is a result of normal wear and tear. Despite these minor cosmetic imperfections, the pages inside are well-preserved and free from significant damage. It's a suitable choice for readers who don't mind the minor cover creasing and are interested in the book's content.

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