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(Pre-Loved) Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals Modern Living by Dorothy Morrison

(Pre-Loved) Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals Modern Living by Dorothy Morrison

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Seeking simple solutions for contemporary challenges like computer viruses, infuriating traffic, and an overstuffed schedule? Look no further.

"Everyday Magic" presents an effortless way to infuse magic into your life without adding unnecessary stress. This book modernizes ancient practices to seamlessly integrate with your busy lifestyle. It encourages the use of everyday convenience items as practical magical tools and leverages common kitchen ingredients, many of which you likely already have on hand.

Within its pages, you'll explore the elements and energies that enhance magical work while offering a plethora of time-saving tips and a vast array of recipes for crafting your own incenses, potions, and powders. Over 300 spells and rituals are thoughtfully curated to address the everyday concerns of contemporary practitioners.

Unleash the potential of your spells and expedite their results with the aid of "magical boosters." Amplify your focused intent and energy flow with the inclusion of herbs, flowers, trees, and stones. Learn how to apply ancient arts with modern tools, such as your trusty coffee maker, blender, and crockpot. Create your own magical concoctions, including powders, sachets, bath salts, potpourris, incenses, and oils.

Unlock the secrets to achieving success in your magical endeavors, and find practical spells tailored to more than 300 distinct purposes. "Everyday Magic" is your comprehensive guide to weaving the mystical into the fabric of your contemporary life.


This 320-page book is in good condition, although there is some creasing on its cover. Despite this minor cosmetic imperfection, the pages inside are well-preserved and free from significant damage. It remains a solid choice for readers who don't mind the cover creasing and are interested in the book's content.

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