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(Pre-Loved) Garden Witchery: Magic From The Ground Up by Ellen Dugan

(Pre-Loved) Garden Witchery: Magic From The Ground Up by Ellen Dugan

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How does your magickal garden grow?—with violets, rosemary, and yarrow to beckon faeries; an apple tree to nurture love and health; and a circle of stones tucked away in a secret corner? Whether you reside in a cottage nestled in the woods, a suburban home, or a city apartment with a cozy balcony, a realm brimming with enchantment awaits you. Uncover the concealed language and magickal properties of the trees, flowers, herbs, and plants flourishing in your surroundings, and learn the art of cultivating your very own witch's garden.

Penned with a touch of down-to-earth humor by a seasoned gardener who also practices the craft of witchcraft, this creative and motivational guide offers inspiration to gardeners of all ages and levels of experience. It features a journal section for easy progress tracking, practical gardening wisdom, personal anecdotes, and a wealth of garden witchery wisdom and magick. Inside, you'll uncover a world of:

  • Flower Folklore: Discover the ancient tales and traditions associated with various flowers.

  • Moon Gardening and Astrological Timing: Harness the power of lunar cycles and celestial alignments for optimal garden success.

  • Faerie Magick: Explore the enchanting realm of faeries and learn to create an inviting space for them in your garden.

  • Beginning to Advanced Witchcraft: Whether you're a novice or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find valuable insights and guidance.

  • Floral and Herbal Spells: Learn to infuse your magick with the potent energies of flowers and herbs.

  • Sabbat Celebrations: Embrace the pagan wheel of the year and celebrate the sabbats in your enchanted garden.

  • Witch Crafts: Craft sachets, wreaths, charm bags, and other witchy creations to enhance your practice.

  • Creating Sacred Space: Discover how to cultivate a sacred and harmonious garden space.

  • Shade, Moonlight, and Sun Gardens: Tailor your garden to suit different light conditions and purposes.

  • Enchanted Houseplant and Container Gardens: Bring magick into your indoor spaces with mystical houseplants and container gardens.

  • Magickal Herbal Correspondences: Unlock the secrets of herbal correspondences for your spells and rituals.

  • Garden Blessings: Infuse your garden with blessings and positive energies.

With this charming guide, your magickal garden will flourish, and you'll develop a profound connection with the natural world around you.

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