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(Pre-Loved) Modern Witchcraft: Goddess Empowerment For The Kick-Ass Woman by Deborah Blake

(Pre-Loved) Modern Witchcraft: Goddess Empowerment For The Kick-Ass Woman by Deborah Blake

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In an era when established religions are in decline, Wicca stands out as one of the fastest-growing spiritual movements in North America. What is it about Witchcraft that attracts people, and how does a belief system rooted in ancient traditions transform into a practice that deeply resonates with contemporary women?

Numerous factors contribute to this phenomenon. Witchcraft's profound connection to the natural world and its inclusivity, welcoming individuals of various lifestyles, are certainly appealing aspects. However, for many women, the primary draw lies in the worship of a goddess or goddesses. Unlike the stern, patriarchal God of traditional religions, Wicca and most modern Witchcraft paths embrace both feminine and masculine aspects of divinity. This shift allows women to see themselves mirrored in the divine, fostering a profound connection.

Moreover, many women today are grappling with frustration, fear, trauma, and anger due to the prevailing social and political climate. Yet, they often feel powerless to effect positive change. Witchcraft offers a sense of personal empowerment, providing a way to channel these feelings into a source of strength and transformation.


This book, comprising 245 pages, is in excellent condition. It seems to have been well-preserved, with no visible signs of wear and tear. It's a great find for readers seeking a book in pristine shape for reading or collecting.

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