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(NEW) Forest Magic: Rituals and Spells for Green Witchcraft by Nikki Van De Car

(NEW) Forest Magic: Rituals and Spells for Green Witchcraft by Nikki Van De Car

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Forest Magic is a guide to befriending the mysterious and wise guardians of our woodlands. Ancient and wise, trees and plants watch over us—sheltering us and guiding us. At the same time, it is our calling to cherish and honor them, as we work together in eternal reciprocity. Humans have always lived in mutual communion with the forest, dwelling in its shadowy depths, tending to it as it protects us, trading oxygen for carbon dioxide, again and again, with each day, each hour of sunlight, each breath. It is a sacred—magical—exchange that we can honor with rituals, spell work, and intention.

Readers will explore the magic of the forest first by learning to create their own sacred grove, whether they live deep within nature or in the very center of a city. From there, 
Forest Magic explores the year in two parts—The Oak King, for the first half of the year, and The Holly King, for the second half. Each section explores pagan holidays and celebrations associated with nature's rhythms, rituals and practices for communing with and tending to the plants that thrive during these times, discussion of the magical properties associated with each tree and shrub, and plant-based healing. Dozens of gorgeous, full-color illustrations accompany this inspiring, accessible guide to becoming one with the magic and mystery of trees.

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