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(NEW) Hekate: Goddess Of Witches by Courtney Weber

(NEW) Hekate: Goddess Of Witches by Courtney Weber

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Courtney Weber takes us on a journey through the lore, legends, history, and mythology of Hekate, ancient goddess of crossroads, ghosts, and witchcraft,  and also perhaps the most beloved goddess today. While exploring the relevance of Hekate for today's Pagan practitioner, Weber provides tools, techniques, practices, and suggestions for incorporating Hekate into your own personal magickal and spiritual journey. 

Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Hekate, exploring original mythology,  historical context, and contemporary connotations, concluding with spells and personal rituals. The final chapter is a grimoire full of rituals, offerings, and other practices to help readers connect with this extraordinary goddess. The book also explores magickal ethics, what it means to be a witch in the 21st century, and best practices for successful witchcraft. 

This book has 207 pages. 

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