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(NEW) Runes Illustrated By Rachel Newcombe

(NEW) Runes Illustrated By Rachel Newcombe

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An alphabet developed by Germanic and Nordic peoples during ancient times, runes were used to represent both simple things and more complex concepts, providing a written form of communication before the latin alphabet was adopted. Today, reading runes are a popular tool for understanding the present and divining the future.

Divided into three broad chapters, showing how to use runes, outlining the full runic alphabet, and ancient runestone today, Runes Illustrated provides a compact, accessible guide to this ancient reading system. Discover the basic three rune layout, and how it can help bring clarity when seeking guidance; learn how to arrange the runes in a five rune cast, which offers a more complex reading; discover Uruz, U, which means a wild ox in Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet; and see how runic inscriptions were combined on standing stones to mark burial sites and the deeds of great warriors.

Beautifully produced in traditional Chinese binding and with 120 illustrations and photographs of runes, rune readings and runestones, this book will fascinate anyone interested in this ancient writing form and its uses today.

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