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(NEW) The Complete Guide To Living By The Moon by Stephanie Gailing

(NEW) The Complete Guide To Living By The Moon by Stephanie Gailing

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That radiant, celestial being of the night sky, the moon, has inspired humankind for millenia,  whether it is the poet who has written an ode, or the insomniac who opens the curtains to bask in the lunar glow. In The Complete Guide To Living By The Moon,  astrology expert and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing provides the knowledge and tools you need to live your life more in tune with the Moon's natural rhythms. In this book, you will:

* Explore the Moon's illuminating properties over your lifetime 

* Track New Moon intentions throughout the lunar cycle 

* Record your Moon mapping journey 

* Learn how to interpret tour unique sun and moon sign combination

* Participate in self-care activities optimized for each lunar phase and your astrological moon sign

Replete with stellar reflections and engaging prompts, this luminescent book is a friendly, comprehensive guide to help you gain a better understanding of your goals and your emotional needs, along with developing a better appreciation of the moon and all that it represents. 


This book has 143 pages.

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