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(NEW) Witch Bottle by JE Marriott

(NEW) Witch Bottle by JE Marriott

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Witch Books, Book 1

You can't choose the members of your family, not even the dead ones.

After a family tragedy, Amy Grey finds herself in a foreign country emptying her parent's belongings from their summer cottage. The cottage, however, feels strange and Amy is certain someone or something is watching her.

Quickly, Amy slips into the everyday life of a small town that, unbeknown to her, is haunted and conceals a serial killer. Bodies pile up because the Police have no leads, nor any evidence to pursue, nothing except a rare Witch's Sigil.

Murder and mayhem ensue both in the present and the past, events that Amy never imagined she would see. She learns there's another world of Spirit and vengeful Souls just under the veil of our reality.

In the bloody conclusion, the true depth of the horror is revealed and several lives hang in the balance.

Who will live and who will be Spirit?

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