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(NEW) Wyrdcraft by Matthew Ash McKernan

(NEW) Wyrdcraft by Matthew Ash McKernan

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Connected to Wyrd, the Ways of the Fates, and the Great Tapestry of Existence. 

Weaving Germanic Paganism with mysticism, magic, and his background as a transpersonal psychotherapist, Matthew Ash McKernan introduces you to the wyrd, a mysterious phenomenon that permeates and connects everything. It is fate, destiny, nature, soul, magic, and mystery intertwined. 

Wyrdcraft guides you through a process of attuning to wyrd as it  manifests within your life, teaching you how to sense and intuit the ways of the Fates more clearly than ever before. Exploring the intersections of psychotherapy, ecotherapy,  heathenry, and magic, this contemplative and experiential book details a holistic healing approach that directly addresses the fragmentation that seems to define our zeitgeist. It offers nearly 50 exercises to help you cultivate wyrd consciousness - an animist awareness that is naturally revealing, healing, transformative,  and becoming. Becoming what? You will find out as you craft your wyrd, heal yourself and our interconnected world, and remember the nature of your soul. 

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