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(NEW) Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft From The Margins by Cassandra Snow

(NEW) Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft From The Margins by Cassandra Snow

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Witchcraft, historically a refuge for outsiders and outcasts in society, paradoxically harbors hierarchical structures that often mirror the very inequalities faced in the wider world. These hierarchies can isolate and harm those who exist beyond society's rigid binaries and boundaries. While literature addressing resistance and queer mythology exists, there has been a distinct absence of works specifically focused on queer magick from an LGBTQ+ perspective—until now.

"Queering Your Craft" artfully melds queer aesthetics and culture, embracing concepts like DIY ethos and the value of chosen family over formal covens, with pagan and metaphysical spiritual practices. This groundbreaking book delves into the personal, the collective, and the political, illustrating the deep interconnection of these facets in the magickal pursuits of LGBTQ+ individuals.

In this introductory exploration of witchcraft, Snow illuminates why and how each concept is vital within a queer craft, offering insights on how to approach them from a queer perspective. For instance, conventional tools such as prayer, words, and symbols have often posed challenges in a queer universe. This book guides readers on how to adapt and utilize these elements while staying true to their authentic selves.

The heart of "Queering Your Craft" is dedicated to teaching the craft itself, with the latter section serving as a grimoire filled with potent spells. While it remains accessible to beginners in the realm of witchcraft, this book also offers fresh and inspiring insights for seasoned practitioners seeking a pure and personalized approach, unburdened by the weight of history and stereotypes. "Queering Your Craft" promises to be a transformative addition to the world of magick and spirituality, ushering in a new era of inclusive and authentic practice for LGBTQ+ individuals.

This book has 255 pages.

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