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(Pre-Loved) Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide To Magical Activism by Sarah Lyons

(Pre-Loved) Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide To Magical Activism by Sarah Lyons

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"Revolutionary Witchcraft" is a bold and insightful handbook that delves into the role of witchcraft in contemporary society, tracing its politically charged history from its origins to the present. Author, activist, and practicing witch Sarah Lyons takes readers on a journey through a leftist perspective of magic, exploring the connections between witchcraft and political activism. The book examines key moments in the history of witchcraft, from early modern England to the Salem Witch Trials, and links them to our current political landscape. By combining mystical practices, such as sigil magic and soul flight, with essential organizing tactics like power mapping and protests, "Revolutionary Witchcraft" presents a practical framework for establishing a politically grounded magical praxis. This radical approach addresses a wide range of issues, from social justice to environmental activism, offering empowering and inclusive rituals and magical actions. Each chapter introduces a core concept and provides a historical case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of mystical action. The book is filled with actionable ideas for magical organizing and includes an appendix with customizable spells, making it an invaluable resource for those interested in the magical aspects of activism.


This book, with 158 pages, is in very good condition. It appears to have been well-maintained, with no significant wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for readers looking for a book in excellent shape for reading or collecting.

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