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(Pre-Loved) Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide by Sandra Ingerman

(Pre-Loved) Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide by Sandra Ingerman

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Shamanic journeying is the mystical art of venturing into the "hidden realms" that exist beyond the boundaries of everyday reality. In these realms, one can seek knowledge and insights that can facilitate positive changes in various aspects of life, spanning from spirituality and well-being to career and relationships. Drawing from more than two decades of experience as both a student and teacher of shamanism, Sandra Ingerman shares the essential principles of this transformative practice in her work, "Shamanic Journeying."

Within the pages of this book, readers will uncover the ancient role of the shaman in indigenous societies, gaining an understanding of how to connect with and collaborate with their "power animal" and other spiritual guides. In addition, Sandra imparts the keys to conducting successful shamanic journeys in our contemporary world. Through riveting anecdotes showcasing the profound outcomes of shamanic journeying and guidance on overcoming common challenges that may arise in the early stages of practice, "Shamanic Journeying" provides all the tools necessary to embark on a captivating voyage into the visionary realms of shamanism.

PLUS: A 60 minute practice CD with 3 drumming tracks for shamanic journeys.

This book, which includes a practice CD and spans 80 pages, is in good condition. There is minimal wear and tear noticeable on its cover, indicating that it has been reasonably well-preserved. It should be suitable for those who want a copy that is in good shape for both reading and utilizing the included CD.

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