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(Pre-Loved) The Crafting & Use of Ritual Tools: Step By Step Instructions for Woodcrafting Religious & Magical Implements By Eleanor & Philip Harris

(Pre-Loved) The Crafting & Use of Ritual Tools: Step By Step Instructions for Woodcrafting Religious & Magical Implements By Eleanor & Philip Harris

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Many magicians share the belief that crafting your own magical implements, whether it's crafting runes or forging a ritual dagger, holds greater potency than purchasing pre-made items. Now, you have the opportunity to learn the art of creating your magical wand, staff, dagger, and other tools through the step-by-step guidance provided in "The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools" by Eleanor and Philip Harris.

This book serves as a hands-on manual, offering a comprehensive journey into the crafting and utilization of various sacred instruments. It leaves no stone unturned, detailing the essential tools required, the various wood options available, recommended workspaces, explicit step-by-step instructions for crafting, and the consecration process that follows the creation of these tools.

Crafting your magical tools extends beyond mere woodworking; it becomes a heartfelt process that fosters a deep connection with the inherent magical qualities of the chosen wood. The act of consecration infuses your own energies, culminating in the creation of a genuinely potent magical tool.

"The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools" empowers you to explore an ancient and spiritually rewarding form of self-expression by crafting your own ritual tools by hand. You can infuse symbolism from your chosen magical tradition or draw from various religious and magical systems to customize your tools.

These handcrafted tools possess unique qualities distinct from store-bought items, and this book illuminates how you can meditate upon your personal staff to unlock the mysteries of working with sacred objects. Additionally, you'll acquire the knowledge to create sacred spaces, invoke the power of the Moon, and engage in other acts of magic and worship, all with the aid of your personally crafted magical wand or ritual knife.

This captivating book seamlessly blends spirituality with practicality. With "The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools," you can embark on your journey of tool-making today, fostering a deeper connection with your magical practice and enhancing its potency through the tools you create.


This 218-page book is in good condition, although there is a slight tear on the cover and some visible scratches. Despite these minor cosmetic imperfections, the pages inside are well-preserved and free from significant damage. It's a suitable choice for readers who don't mind the cover's slight tear and scratches and are interested in the book's content.

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