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(NEW) The Letters of Lily & Moons: Lilly And Moons Book One by S.M. Sage

(NEW) The Letters of Lily & Moons: Lilly And Moons Book One by S.M. Sage

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In the village of Neverwood, magic is banned. For Ivy, a young fae brought up to keep her magic a secret, this was never a problem...until the unspeakable happens. After losing control and performing a dangerous magic, Ivy is forced to leave behind all she has ever known.

While on the run, her life is set on a new path after Imis, another fae wielding magic, saves her life and takes her in.

As Ivy learns to grieve all she left behind, she is confronted with the consequences of her magic threatening to consume her. But as she does, more truths of who she is unravel. All she thought she knew about herself is a myth. Now she must keep more secrets from those she loves, or risk her life.

Piece by piece, Ivy heals while falling in love with Elliot, the handsome fae determined to protect her. Little does she know, he is keeping her safe from a group called the Magic Reformers. As the Reformer's efforts against the magical fae escalate, Elliot's plots against the group lead him to keep secrets of his own.

As their secrets come undone, will Ivy overcome the darkness lurking deep within her? Or is she fated to be consumed by it?


This brand new book has 372 pages and is the exciting debut novel of author S.M. Sage.

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