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(NEW) The Wild Goddess Oracle

(NEW) The Wild Goddess Oracle

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The "Wild Goddess Oracle" presents a captivating collection of 52 vividly illustrated cards accompanied by a 144-page guidebook, delving into the enigmatic realms of the universe both external and internal, invoking the essence of goddess archetypes.

Created by the talented artist Amy Zerner and penned by best-selling author Monte Farber, this artistic masterpiece promises to elevate your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Zerner's evocative, original illustrations, combined with Farber's mystical wisdom, offer profound insights into relationships, personalities, behaviors, and inclinations, adding profound layers to your oracle readings.

The comprehensive guidebook, richly adorned with illustrations, provides clear and accessible interpretations of the cards, along with rituals, meditations, affirmations, earth magic spells, and more to assist you in awakening the power of the Wild Goddesses within. It also offers an in-depth exploration of various spreads, practices, and principles that can be applied with the deck, offering profound insights into how each goddess can illuminate our complexities, contradictions, and the perpetual enigma of our true selves.

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