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(NEW) The Witch of The Forest's Guide To Natural Magick by Lindsay Squire

(NEW) The Witch of The Forest's Guide To Natural Magick by Lindsay Squire

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Natural magick is an enchanting practice that revolves around harmonizing with your surroundings, tapping into nature's inexhaustible power to unlock your innate magickal potential.

From the art of foraging and the incorporation of herbs into spells to harnessing the purifying energy of sun and moonlight in your cleansing rituals, as well as grasping the profound influence of the changing seasons on your magical abilities, this book stands as an indispensable guide for anyone eager to explore the realm of natural magick.

This magickal path has the potential to revolutionize your connection with yourself, the people in your life, and the wondrous natural world that envelops you. As a comprehensive introduction to the Craft, this guide is destined to be your constant companion on your journey of self-discovery and magical development, showcasing how Witchcraft serves as a profound form of self-care.

Within its pages, you'll find invaluable insights and time-tested practices, inspired by The Witch of the Forest's personal grimoire, including:

  • Building a Budget-Friendly Practice: Discover how to craft a practice using simple tools and ingredients readily available in your pantry.

  • The Witch's Wheel of the Year: Explore the sacred cycles of the seasons and their significance in your craft.

  • Spellcraft: Unveil the secrets of casting spells effectively.

  • Candle Magick: Learn the art of working with candles to manifest your intentions.

  • Herbal Wisdom and Foraging: Delve into the world of herbs and the art of foraging for magickal ingredients.

  • Divination Techniques: Explore divination tools such as tarot, scrying, and pendulum dowsing.

  • Creating Personal Sigils: Craft your own unique symbols of power.

  • The Witch's Connection to the Natural World: Deepen your relationship with the moon, sky, and the elements of nature.

  • Practicing Discreetly in the Broom Closet: Navigate the challenges of practicing witchcraft privately.

And much more! Suitable for witches of every persuasion—whether you identify as green, house, eclectic, solitary, or remain undecided—this book also features a removable pendulum board, ready to assist you in seeking answers to your most pressing questions.

With the guidance found within these pages, you'll embark on a journey of empowerment, self-care, and profound connection to the world around you, as you unlock the wonders of natural magick.


This book has 176 pages.

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