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(Pre-Loved) The Witch Of The Forest's Guide to Earth Magick by Lindsay Squire

(Pre-Loved) The Witch Of The Forest's Guide to Earth Magick by Lindsay Squire

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Unveil the power of simple witchcraft to enhance your well-being, anchor yourself in the 21st century, and forge connections with the natural rhythms of your life and your craft.

Ideal for novice practitioners venturing into the enchanting realm of witchcraft, this guide introduces you to:

  1. Casting a Circle and Ritual Fundamentals: Learn the essentials of creating a sacred space and the basics of ritual practice.

  2. Crystals and Their Magickal Properties: Discover the mystical properties and applications of crystals.

  3. Divination Techniques: Explore divination methods, including working with runes and divination dice.

  4. Harnessing the Power of Seasons and Elements: Connect with the energies of the four seasons and the four elements to amplify your craft.

  5. Aligning with Your Personal 'Seasons': Establish a profound connection with the seasons of your life through your craft.

  6. Reconnecting After a Break: Find guidance on rekindling your connection to your craft if you've taken a hiatus.

  7. Energizing and Protecting Your Magickal Energy: Learn techniques for empaths and individuals feeling energetically depleted.

  8. Shadow Work for Growth and Transformation: Embrace your shadow self and harness its power for personal development.

  9. Wellbeing Techniques for Witches: Manage your energy and nurture your overall well-being.

This book caters to witches of all kinds, whether you practice openly or in the secrecy of the "broom closet." Additionally, it features a removable runes board on the back jacket, ready to assist in answering your mystical inquiries.

This book has 175 pages and is in excellent condition, with only a little creasing noticeable on its cover. The pages inside are pristine, and it's evident that the book has been meticulously maintained. It's a great find for those who appreciate books in such fantastic shape.

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