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(Pre-Loved) The Witch's Circle: Rituals And Craft Of Cosmic Muse by Maria Kay Simms

(Pre-Loved) The Witch's Circle: Rituals And Craft Of Cosmic Muse by Maria Kay Simms

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Delve into the comprehensive realm of setting up and managing your own Wiccan coven, enriched by the illuminating insights of astrology, through "The Witch's Circle" (previously titled "Circle of the Cosmic Muse") by Maria Kay Simms.

While there are many valuable guides on establishing covens, "The Witch's Circle" stands out as the most all-encompassing resource. It encompasses both the theoretical foundations and practical aspects necessary for the successful operation of a coven. Here's a glimpse of what it covers:

  1. The New Renaissance of Spirituality: Explore the resurgence of spirituality and its correlation with astrological ages.

  2. Contemporary Wiccan Ethics and Practice: Navigate the ethical considerations and practices within modern Wicca.

  3. Magick: Uncover the theory and application of magick, including healing, protection, energy raising, and more.

  4. Ritual Structure: Understand the components and sequence of rituals.

  5. Astrology and Ritual: Explore the intersection of astrology and ritual in Wiccan practice.

  6. Sabbat Rituals: Discover rituals tailored to the eight Sabbats of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year.

  7. Full Moon Rituals: Explore rituals designed for the astrological moons over the course of a year.

  8. Other Rituals: Learn about various rituals such as handfasting, memorials, healing, space cleansing, and more.

  9. Coven Formation: Gain insights into finding or creating your own circle of practitioners.

  10. Crafting Ritual Tools: Learn to craft ritual accessories, including robes, wreaths, masks, and wands.

  11. Herbs and Oils: Explore the use of herbs and oils in Wiccan practice.

  12. Music for Ritual: Access a collection of songs and chants suitable for rituals.

"The Witch's Circle" is not just a Wiccan Book of Shadows; it's a profound integration of astrology and Wicca, offering a potent tool for comprehending the dualities inherent in the Wheel of the Year and expressing them in compelling new ways.

Written by a High Priestess and astrologer from an active Wiccan coven, the living rituals presented in this book are truly groundbreaking. By incorporating astrology into your practice, you can unlock the hidden symbolism within Wicca and deepen your spiritual journey. Embrace this unique fusion of Wicca and astrology to enrich your understanding of Pagan celebrations and engage with Wicca in a more profound and fulfilling manner.


This book has 467 pages and is in  very good condition, with minimal wear on its cover. Its pages are well-preserved, and the overall condition suggests it has been well-cared for. It's an excellent choice for readers looking for a well-preserved book with a substantial number of pages.

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