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(Pre-Loved) The Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle by Edain McCoy

(Pre-Loved) The Witch's Coven: Finding or Forming Your Own Circle by Edain McCoy

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Explore the intriguing world of Witchcraft and Wicca, where proselytization and recruitment are not the norm. Unlike some religions, these paths are often discovered through books or connections with friends. Now, you can gain insight into the inner workings, secrets, methods, and joys of a Witches' coven in "The Witches' Coven" by Edain McCoy.

This book is a valuable resource designed for three distinct groups:

  1. Those seeking to join a coven: "The Witches' Coven" offers a comprehensive look at what it's like to be part of a coven, providing insights into coven life, activities, and expectations. Reading this book will prepare you to find the right coven and navigate the admission process effectively.

  2. Those aspiring to form a coven: Discover the essential steps and practices required to establish and manage a coven successfully. "The Witches' Coven" offers guidance on how to initiate and nurture your own coven, ensuring its growth and vitality.

  3. Current coven members: Enhance your coven experience by exploring fresh ideas and approaches. This book provides methods and strategies to elevate and strengthen your coven's bonds and practices.

If you have an interest in Witchcraft or Wicca, "The Witches' Coven" is an invaluable resource that you won't want to miss.


This 205-page book is in good condition, with only minor wear and tear. It appears to have been reasonably well-preserved, and both the cover and pages show minimal signs of use. It's a suitable choice for readers who appreciate books in good condition for reading or collecting.

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