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(Pre-Loved) True Magick: A Beginner's Guide by Amber K

(Pre-Loved) True Magick: A Beginner's Guide by Amber K

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Discover how to infuse ethics into your magical endeavors and your daily life. This comprehensive guide will teach you the art of selecting an ethical mentor, enhancing your magical practice through a healthy lifestyle, preparing for rituals, and mastering the processes of raising, channeling, and grounding magical energy, among other invaluable insights. Embrace a path that aligns your magical intentions with ethical principles, fostering a harmonious and responsible practice that resonates with your core values.

This 252-page book is in good condition, despite having some visible scratches and creasing on its cover. While the cover may show signs of wear, the pages inside remain well-preserved and free from significant damage. It's a suitable choice for readers who prioritize the content of the book over the cosmetic imperfections on the cover.

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