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(Pre-Loved) WICCA: A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick

(Pre-Loved) WICCA: A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick

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Becoming a Witch requires dedication and time; there are no quick shortcuts. Traditionally, aspiring Witches undergo a year and a day of preparation before their initiation into the Craft. Drawing from this time-honored tradition, "Wicca: A Year and A Day" stands as a unique introductory guide, offering 366 days of comprehensive training in the Craft of the Wise.

This intensive study course is particularly well-suited for solitary practitioners. It imparts the fundamental tenets and practices of witchcraft, emphasizing a deep connection with nature and an understanding of the cycles of the seasons. Within these pages, you will explore the harmonious work with natural sacred energies, delve into divination techniques, and master the art of casting spells. Furthermore, you will acquire the skills to cultivate inner wisdom and insight, akin to that of seers and sages, through meditation and visualization exercises.


This 392-page book is in good condition, although there are some visible scratches and marks on its cover. While the cover may show signs of wear, the pages inside remain intact and free from damage. It's a suitable choice for readers who prioritize content over cosmetic imperfections on the cover.

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