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(Pre-Loved) Wicca: The Old Religion In The New Millennium

(Pre-Loved) Wicca: The Old Religion In The New Millennium

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Wicca, believed to be the world's oldest religion, is experiencing a resurgence of interest in contemporary society. In this bestselling introductory guide, Vivianne Crowley delves into the mystical path of the Witch and highlights the significance of modern Wicca in our current world.

Within these enlightening pages, filled with practical insights and illuminating diagrams, you will find a comprehensive exploration of the Old Religion, including:

  1. Uncovering the Origins and Historical Evolution of Wicca.
  2. The Role of Wicca in Today's World.
  3. Clarification of Misconceptions Surrounding Black and White Magic.
  4. Recognizing the Divine Essence of the God and Goddess Within Us.
  5. Contemplating the Future of Witchcraft.

Vivianne Crowley offers a thoughtful and informative guide, bridging the ancient with the modern, for those drawn to the path of Wicca.


This 257-page book is in good condition, although it does have some minor wear and tear on its cover, particularly around the edges. Despite these cosmetic imperfections, the pages inside are well-preserved and free from significant damage. It remains a suitable choice for readers who don't mind the minor wear and tear on the cover and are interested in the book's content.

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