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(Pre-Loved) Witchery: Embrace The Witch Within by Juliet Diaz

(Pre-Loved) Witchery: Embrace The Witch Within by Juliet Diaz

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In this book, Juliet Diaz, an Indigenous seer, healer, and spirit communicator, serves as your wise guide on a transformative journey to unlock the potent Magick residing within you. With her expert guidance, you will learn how to shed that which no longer serves your purpose, liberate your true, authentic self, and embody your inner truth. Furthermore, Juliet equips you with the essential skills and techniques necessary to craft your own Magickal practice.

Within the pages of this mystical tome, you will unearth the secrets of:

  • Harnessing the innate power of your inner witch
  • Crafting spells, potions, and rituals for purposes such as love, protection, healing, and manifestation
  • Amplifying your energy through the creation and utilization of a Book of Shadows
  • Establishing and adorning a sacred altar in harmony with the changing seasons
  • Navigating the profound influence of the Moon and the sacred rhythms of the Seasons of the Witch
  • Establishing a profound connection with your ancestors to receive their timeless wisdom

Filled to the brim with Magick, inspiration, and boundless love, "Witchery" stands as your unwavering companion and mentor on a delightfully enchanting voyage toward profound self-empowerment.


This 243-page book is in very good condition, with only minimal scratches noticeable on its cover. Its pages are well-preserved, and overall, it appears to have been well-cared for. It's an excellent choice for readers seeking a book that's in great shape for reading.

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