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(New) Yemaya: The Ultimate Guide To The Mother Of All Orishas In Yoruba And Santeria by Mari Silva

(New) Yemaya: The Ultimate Guide To The Mother Of All Orishas In Yoruba And Santeria by Mari Silva

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Discover the all-encompassing power of Yemaya, the mother of all Orishas.

Have you heard about the African mother goddess called Yemaya?

Do you want to learn how Yemaya is revered in Yoruba and Santeria?

Do you want to connect with this ancient Orisha and ask her for her blessings?

Yemaya is known by many names. She is an Orisha, a saint, a mother figure, and the patron of the sea.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn who Yemaya is and how she influenced Yoruba and Santeria beliefs and traditions
  • Explore the different legends, myths, and stories associated with Yemaya
  • Learn why Yemaya is syncretized with the Virgin Mary and how she is depicted and venerated as a Catholic saint
  • Gain the ability to connect to Yemaya and communicate with her to earn her blessings in your life
  • Discover the unique connections between the goddess, the moon, and the waters, and learn why she is commonly depicted as a mermaid
  • Reveal the secrets behind building a holy shrine for Yemaya and learn how to use this sacred space for making offerings
  • Discover which healing baths and spells are associated with Yemaya and learn how to prepare them
  • Identify which festivals and ceremonies are held in her honor
  • Learn even more prayers, rituals, and spiritual baths through which you can honor Yemaya each day of the week

Yemaya is known for her compassionate nature, and she expects her followers to act in the same way. With the help of this informative guidebook, you can implement beneficial practices into your life that will earn Yemaya's respect.

This hardcover has 110 pages. 
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